How to Combat Loneliness

This week we have been looking at loneliness in the elderly population and to round up the topic Loneliness in Old Age by Springcare discusses some simple, accessible ways to tackle loneliness and isolation.

They suggest:

  1. Spending time outside the home – visit parks, museums, libraries and galleries.
  2. Using the internet – social media is easy to use with a little guidance, there are groups for quilting, crafts, birdwatching, the list is endless, plus you can also use video phone applications to talk to your nearest and dearest no matter how far away.
  3. Joining local groups – craft groups, historical groups, book groups, there are many meeting places to go, ask someone to come with you are unsure of where to go.
  4. Carry on learning – your local county council provides a range of adult learning courses, you could learn to play the guitar or become an operatic singer.
  5. Volunteering – there are countless organisations who require volunteers to support them, and your friendly face welcoming someone at the hospital doors could be just what they need or your love of animals might be ideal for helping at an animal sanctuary.

You can read the full article here



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